Morning Ritual

Morning Ritual

In the damp winter months by the sea

where you are comforted by rain

I awaken well before dawn

usually chilled by the air –

insulated as much as possible

by shirts and undershirts and sweaters

under a robe –

and crank-up the heat.

My mind slowly drifts from puzzling dreams

vaguely remembered –

Darkened by the night of the sea.

So it’s time for caffeine.

The strongest of them all –

a mug of espresso made on the stove-top –

Time to sip away dark moments

and prepare for the Sun

When the forecast calls for rain.

A morning such as this will not deter the fisherman with a spear, or the old man taking his final steps on our shores, while a stranger stumbles into town, with purposeful gait, the weary traveler, suitcase in each hand, and heads to sea.


Squeezing Ink From A Pen

Squeezing Ink From A Pen

As I send away the past

While in the air

And welcome tomorrow –

I know.

Everything must go to the file:

Lessons Passed and Failed

Before you can pass through

The gate of enlightenment.

The gates of the Sun.


And paste a new Vision

To the wall.

Morning Prayer – Reasoning with God (VISUAL VERSION)

Morning Prayer – Reasoning with God

Morning Prayer: Reasoning with God

Please, God, send me something good today. You can’t expect me to suffer indefinitely. That’s not fair. Besides, I’m open to it.


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