“Defective software turns popular social media app into a monster … Just in time for HALOWEEN! …  THE MONSTER INSTAGRAM


“The Night I Set My Hair On Fire – The Fourth Night”


THIS is SO Sweet!

What’s it been? Almost 3 years now? When I announced I would be very busy indefinitely swimming in floods, and therefore it would be highly unlikely that I would be able to look at any work of those whom I followed here, and therefore asked for your patience and understanding, since gloom and dark clouds lay ahead, and this would require extreme focus and diligence on my part, to make it through The Ordeal intact – well, I am now taking a deep breath, and am delighted, to ONCE again touch the shore, glimpsing at the Past, pasting it, on the wall, and sharpening my blade as I move forward, and poking my head into your doors. 

The Night I Set My Hair On Fire (Watercolor) Work In Progress … ATHENS, Greece, 2016)

How My Day Goes …

Yeah, so I thought I was going to stay in the South, and I even ordered my Internet for my place there – but you know how those Greeks are, with their crazy sense of time, so a month passed, and I still didn’t have my modem and I had to go to Athens, to take care of some business and do some shopping, before I head South again, but you know, I’m just crazy about Athens, and when I took the bus this morning to go to Syntagma (Constitution Square) turns out, the bus didn’t stop there, and headed North or South or East or West of there – How should I know where I was? but wasn’t sure, cause my navigation skills, they suck, you know, and the Sun was straight above me, so I jumped off the bus, reversed gears — and just happened to catch The Changing Of The Guard — The Evzones –– and I hit the Shoot Video Button on my iPhone, and I felt fabulously fortuitous, to catch these warriors march with such precision and grace, on the last leg of their journey, til it was time for them to return, cause if I hadn’t taken the wrong bus, and had ended up in Syntagma, as I had planned, I would’ve missed one of those moments that totally compel you to go higher, reach farther into the blue sky, yes, mere symbols, I know, but still, sometimes that’s how things go. 

When There’s A Lot Activity Up There …

You know what I’m talking about, right? UP there. And you’re trying to communicate with someone – in print – and the wheels are simply too busy to pause, to examine what you’re actually putting down on paper – or in message, on social media – and you come out saying something that could puzzle someone, have them scratching their head, as to your true intentions, question your sincerity, thinking, well, which one is it? – Does she plan to celebrate my recovery or my death? – that, kind of shit, cause you’ve already composed the line, it’s embedded firmly in your memory, it’s as solid as a block from the sheet of the pyramids, but you know, your mind likes messing around with you, and it hops and it skips and flips forwards and backwards and plucks and hides and erases shit, making monumental omissions when attempting to communicate with the outer world, dropping words, thoughts, pushing them into the deep and dark zone of zeros and ones. 

And you stupidly correct yourself …

“I don’t know about you, but I plan to celebrate your recovery – not mourn your death.”

But you gotta give yourself some slack, cause it’s almost Sunday, and you desperately need a break from your head.