The Principal Of Continuity РAs Illustrated In A Photograph 

Cannot shake the temptation to mess with my hair. Even now. 

Thus, I refer to this (not sure what this is) as …

The Principal of Continuity


Had no idea I would be settings that early in life!

Other Senses, Other Places

I’ve often poked at my obsession, passion for music, and stated that my¬†tolerance for listening to a piece of music – whether it be a song or an opera, Mozart, Beethoven, or Bach – frequently clashes with those who are around me.

Even though they make like the same piece, their saturation level is breached far earlier than mine, and leads them into madness, momentarily, where they beg me to stop playing the music, which of course, I find amusing and ignore Рbut not out of deliberate malice. I simply need the music to thoroughly drench, not only my Soul, but reach into the nucleus of every cell in my body.

Why? Why must it travel that far and so deeply?

Not sure.

But here are a couple of guesses and recent revelations …

There definitely is some sort of connection between here and there

Maybe there’s lots of work to do down there? Repairs, etc.

I have often thought of the Universe in terms of Music and Mathematics, keys and strokes, equations precisely put and held together, yet also lucid, malleable and infinitely variable. The¬†ultimate¬†Time and Space connection – where it seldom matters what time¬†it is here (cause we’re lousy timekeepers) but there.¬†
That’s my theory.
Back to Earth …

While I still don’t know¬†why it must travel that far inside of me, I recently realized, that when it gets there, it stays there, permanently.

Not only that –

But from there, it comes back to surface and manages to fill everything around me Рit lives in the walls, both literally, and metaphorically. I can hear it. And that, luckily for me, means that I can listen to it until the very end, that I never have to play it again. It is the shield that protects me. Always.

No doubt, this may be hard for some to swallow.

But lots of things Рfar more sinister than this Рare hard to swallow.


For example …

Notable exceptions … Such as …

WordPress, The Master Of Chaos, where everything crumbles instantaneously, just as it did when I tried to publish this piece.

Exclusive Status Update: Facebook

What’s On My Mind?

… And I’m not the only one who feels this way, Facebook …

I know others who feel the same. (I’m not talking about those who really know you and those who you really know and who know what’s going on and understand the Silences.)

… It’s those other ones …

The ones who rarely come around, the ones you never see, the images of excess baggage, dragging you along a Station, that relentlessly keep swimming in your head … 

The Strangers we ALL know and have met before – 

The Arrogant Ones

Or Misguided Ones

The Ostentatious Ones

THOSE are the ones who need a different moniker, Facebook …  
Something other than “Friends.”

Instagram works much better. 

For me, at least. 

That’s ALL about Images. 



The Eye. 

No pretense there. 

And far more delightful to cross, even momentarily, another who loves the lens, just as much as you do … And who truly meets the criteria of a Stranger, yet oddly, feels like a friend …

From throughout the entire globe!

And is much less pretentious. 

There, you merely “follow.”  

And FAR more exciting. 

So would you please stop making it impossible for me to deactivate my account!

(In the meantime, I suggest you establish a new category here, titled, and devoted in its entirety to … “Strangers”)

That’s what’s on my mind, Facebook. 

Looking at my father … Maybe. 


Portrait Of A Young Man (Photography)

Early 20thc, somewhere in the 1930s, here is a photograph of my father as a young man, living in Athens. 

(It still has dust on it! But I’ll get to that part later.)

Folios William Barkas …  Athens, Greece

Rotten Luck in Love


What do you do?
When you have rotten luck in Love?


You find someone whose luck is equally rotten to yours, you become good friends, and you commiserate with one another, eternally, but you never lay hands on one another. 

The Cherry Of The CIA: WOMEN

Realized, because it’s been so difficult to get here, there are several things I haven’t put here, that, well, belong here. 

The following illustration is a response to CIA efforts to recruit more women. It was posted on Twitter by Muck Rock, whose job it is to unearth these classified documents, under FOIA. Thus here is that link, which led to my humble illustration. This dossier is about what women want, according to the Brains of the CIA.

I almost hit the floor. 

I was laughing so hard. 

Highly entertaining reading material!