Managing Shadows of Green

You can get much done in a small workplace. Like managing the shadows of green in the afternoon with Vivaldi nearby. Or managing the shadows of green during the evening hues of Bach.

What’s in a Name? Noise Reduction

(WP Format) What’s in a Name? “Like ‘Betty Boop’ and ‘Robin Hood’” Noise Reduction Why Solititude is Best For All Artists All artists must endure things that both hamper and inspire their creativity. The tasks of daily life can be especially unnerving when misunderstandings occur when attempting to communicate with the others. Levels of anxiety … Continue reading What’s in a Name? Noise Reduction

The Giant Leap Backwards

This child may not comprehend the nature of the path it will follow. That is the unknown and source of its curiousity. And as this child questions everything, it increasingly becomes isolated from the customs and structure of society. The child is the outsider, observing what it is not part of, precisely because it learns … Continue reading The Giant Leap Backwards