I was SO delighted to be able to access my “CATEGORIES” that I just went wild, picking flowers, here and there, to better flavor the absurdity of this experience. I have been SO deprived on the WordPress iPhone App. My categories only go as far as “Contemporary Psychiatric Practices.”  That’s it.  EVERYTHING below that is buried somewhere, and WordPress will NOT allow me to access that information.


For a long time, I had to mutate single words through variations of their letters, to create a NEW category, which I knew I would only be able to use once —



That was every time I got the message: “THAT category already exists”

I KNOW that, already.

I created the category.

Now stop hiding the key from me!

But, alas.  You think they listened?  On Twitter.  And, at times, they even tried to wrestle me.  THAT was a mistake.  Because they never won the match!  But still, they continued with their lame and dull and scripted rhetoric, the language of nothingness, the language that does nothing, says nothing, the noise, the hum, the drone, the babbling, the language that simply takes up space, and their groupies who licked their lollipops there . . .

WordPress has responded!

Must be important.

But it was not.


Now to be fair, this is NOT unique to WordPress.  Government bureaucracies love that rhetoric, too.  And any other agency that portends to help others, but in fact, does its best to keep people chained to their shackles, and dizzying them with the wheels of this type of rhetoric.


I know it well.


Pretty sure I’m gonna bury WordPress soon.  It’s just WAY too complicated for me. And they just don’t listen.  But that’s another piece altogether.





OMG. MORE WordPress Nightmares!


MORE WordPress Nightmares!  What is it with these updates? What are they regurgitating up there? Disaster!

I am TRYING to upload 3 photographs of print. And they are ALL blurred here!  



So how do you get around WordPress structural shortcomings? Well, here on my phone, where I do EVERYTHING, I cannot access ANY saved categories beyond the letter C. WordPress KNOWS they exist. It tells me so every time I try to use them. It just won’t let me see or use them. But I wrote them, dammit! 

Must be really, really stingy.

In fact, the last category I can access is: “CONTEMPORARY PSYCHIATRIC APPROACHES”


Thus one must improvise. One must stay as close to the letter A as possible. Then append other names to it. 

WHO would have ever thought being American would be a handy nomenclature for writers and artists!

But enough silliness for now, for there are dark clouds simmering below this line. 



I have accepted that WordPress has a worthless word processing app – I have come to terms with it – so I composed this, as I wanted to compose it, on Pages, to look exactly the way I wanted it to look, and shot a picture of it – but that’s not what the short story is about. 

THIS is SO Sweet!

What’s it been? Almost 3 years now? When I announced I would be very busy indefinitely swimming in floods, and therefore it would be highly unlikely that I would be able to look at any work of those whom I followed here, and therefore asked for your patience and understanding, since gloom and dark clouds lay ahead, and this would require extreme focus and diligence on my part, to make it through The Ordeal intact – well, I am now taking a deep breath, and am delighted, to ONCE again touch the shore, glimpsing at the Past, pasting it, on the wall, and sharpening my blade as I move forward, and poking my head into your doors. 

Conversations With My Hound … About Brooms, Motorcycles, Witches, And Caffeine 


How many times have I told you not to bark at Black Motorcycles?

How many?


“Leave the fucking broom alone!  I need it. It’s my … 


I’m a witch!”


“I know. I know. I’ve got to unpack. I get it. Thank you.”


“OMG. The World Fell Asleep! TELL it to wake-up!  Now. I got buses to catch, papers to collect!”


“I can’t deal with these formatting issues anymore. I can’t. They’re driving me mad! Talk to them.”


“TOO fucking early to talk about anything. No more barking!”

Other Senses, Other Places

I’ve often poked at my obsession, passion for music, and stated that my tolerance for listening to a piece of music – whether it be a song or an opera, Mozart, Beethoven, or Bach – frequently clashes with those who are around me.

Even though they make like the same piece, their saturation level is breached far earlier than mine, and leads them into madness, momentarily, where they beg me to stop playing the music, which of course, I find amusing and ignore – but not out of deliberate malice. I simply need the music to thoroughly drench, not only my Soul, but reach into the nucleus of every cell in my body.

Why? Why must it travel that far and so deeply?

Not sure.

But here are a couple of guesses and recent revelations …

There definitely is some sort of connection between here and there

Maybe there’s lots of work to do down there? Repairs, etc.

I have often thought of the Universe in terms of Music and Mathematics, keys and strokes, equations precisely put and held together, yet also lucid, malleable and infinitely variable. The ultimate Time and Space connection – where it seldom matters what time it is here (cause we’re lousy timekeepers) but there. 
That’s my theory.
Back to Earth …

While I still don’t know why it must travel that far inside of me, I recently realized, that when it gets there, it stays there, permanently.

Not only that –

But from there, it comes back to surface and manages to fill everything around me – it lives in the walls, both literally, and metaphorically. I can hear it. And that, luckily for me, means that I can listen to it until the very end, that I never have to play it again. It is the shield that protects me. Always.

No doubt, this may be hard for some to swallow.

But lots of things – far more sinister than this – are hard to swallow.


For example …

Notable exceptions … Such as …

WordPress, The Master Of Chaos, where everything crumbles instantaneously, just as it did when I tried to publish this piece.