A Woman In Line


A Woman In Line

To get an audience with the tax collectors in Athens, you have to get in line, as early as 5AM, to get a piece of paper with a number – your personal number – penciled on it. It’s the line for the hottest show in Athens, where citizens who provide amusement for those in Power are part of every act, – “Shades of The Greek Government”


“It’s a Thursday. And it’s February, so I didn’t have to get here at 5am – which is good, you know – but I was here before 7am, and it’ll be an hour before I get my ticket, and I can get outta here for a while.”


“Where exactly are you now?”

“Well, now, I’m gonna head back there and probably wait for another hour-and-a-half before I

actually see anybody. And then, maybe they can help me. But you never know.”


“Yeah, well, yesterday didn’t go so well. So, yeah, I’m still in line.”


Polish Tomatoes And Plato


Love Post

Love this picture so much, decided to put it up again, because I enjoy looking at it so much. It’s full of innocence and love – unlike the downward trajectory most take after that. Just full of Love. How refreshing in these times of Trumpism and other crazy global leaders? So I’m just gonna keep looking at this picture until I get tired of looking at it, to remind me what many of us were once like. 

When Kids And Dogs Collide

As I Was Saying

(Make sure you find the end)

So I turned to my trusted companion and said:

“We gotta get the fuck out of here.”

Donkey Express