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I Did It!  I made a Resume. Finally. Took me decades …

I was never comfortable with traditional matter, especially, Resumes. I resisted for years, while stubbornly insisting there had to be something more to it, than pages of innocuous typeface. I could not conform to that template

Didn’t fit me. 

Had to satisfy my Artistic sensibilities …
Hadn’t figured it out, yet. 

Solved the problem. 

And, ultimately, thought …  Why pretend to be someone who I am not?

It shows slightly different here than the PDF version, which is precise, in terms of the top and bottom border lines.  But did ‘ya know?  Social media doesn’t allow you to upload PDFs?


Burnout. How Long Does It Take?

Does anyone out there associate burnout with youth? Especially in the second decade of life?

We have numerous names on these lists. And the lists are long.

But has anyone ever thought about the process of burnout without having experienced it?

What if we looked at a broader group of artists, since musicians are easily the purveyors of substances that eventually kill them quickly in life and are disproportionately represented, unlike other artists?

Let’s think of just the process.

It’s rapid
It’s like a hurricane
Creativity is highly accelerated

What may seem unusual to others is simple for you.

You work at a rapid pace, absorbing and expressing lots of ideas, in multiple ways.

There is a strong element of chaos present. But it’s friendly. And amusing.

Every pore in your body becomes a tiny camera, which takes pictures of the world around you, and then sends them to your brain for editing.

Chores. Chores. Chores.
You’re nothing more than a servant to your Brain. Your Brain wants you to believe there is such a thing as free will, so it programs that as the Default Setting.

“Let us see …
What lunatic lurks here…”

More easy to manipulate that way.

For Those Of You – The Kind Ones …

Who come visit me here and see what madness springs forth on any day, I deeply appreciate your support. You are the ones I cannot see but who are there nonetheless.

At this time, unfortunately, I am not able to reciprocate as much as I would like to. I tried to organize my subscriptions, to feel less overwhelmed, but that just made it worse. The list is even more overwhelming because it’s a list!
And it’s long.
It’s everything I want to see, but cannot at this time.

Let me see.
What is the best way to put it?

To say I am juggling several matters at the moment would be a sublime way to put it.

Instead – more accurately – would be to say my life is up in the air right now and I’m scrambling to catch the pieces as they randomly approach ground and reassemble myself.

Luckily my former training as a dancer has helped. I happened to notice when I take off my boots at the end of the day, they are in what is known in Ballet as fourth position – accidentally, unconsciously, and consistently. So you never know exactly how your artistic tendencies will manifest in a time of crisis.

I have no idea what this new arrangement will look like –
I am hoping I will fall into place –

That’s not right.

That would be way too optimistic, as well as nonproductive. The missing pieces – the empty spaces, the dark spots, the bright ones, the broken navigators, the storms, the stuff that does not fit – are essential to our creative angst, right? That’s what makes us go tick-tock and say things like, Blink, Blink.

So we shall see what emerges.

Thank you.

CULTURAL MATHEMATICS: Equations (Variables)

EQUATION: (Variables)
Upend Perceptions + Rearrange = ?

My resolution is to conduct a Census on Honkies – social and economic characteristics, etc.

Bear in mind, that I fall within that category.

Fried Brains For Breakfast. OOPS!

Also know as …