Images of Language and Incongruity Floating In My Head While Moaning and Groaning About WordPress

This is gonna be short. 

  • And that’s because – Fucking WordPress!!!  What is wrong with you guys. New version is just dandy when it grants you a visit otherwise you’re back doing the old shit again, typing each tag without spellcheck – OMG!  What a chore…

And now you’ve fucked up the most important page!  The super duper versions paper, which we compose on, and you’ve totally destroyed the basic formatting, where you have no idea how many times you have to hit return before you get that extra space you want in there, between paragraphs!
So, as demonstrated above, I can easily use bullet formatting or numeric, but I am no longer able to slide into paragraphs, and it is so fucking annoying!

What kind of Brains are developing these, these – I don’t even know what to call them!
(Personally I think they’re all missing a few screws.)

All very nice, of course, affable, but totally daffy when it comes to basic organizational thinking and, and what? Visualization system is inoperable?


The Eyes of an Aesthete Wanted

On the other hand, if this is an example of how someone who may have Schizophrenia, for example, works, well, that’s another subject altogether. 

But why do we still need two versions of the Statistics?  Neither is much improved. So make a decision

Throw one in the trash, already!
Seeing the actual word italicized, however, is a whole lot better than than seeing words buried under HTML script. 

So that is an improvement. 
Congratulations, WordPress!


That just wouldn’t stay in any longer.)

Ever since I did the update, I’ve been wanting to put this down on paper, but something else always managed to shove it below the pile, where it finally said …
No more of this!
I will no longer be a wallflower!

                     THE END


So far, Today …

Thought I’d use the symbolic value of the eye here, so I cropped everything else. It’s such an easy symbol. Who can wrong with the eye?

This series is called …

Too Fucking Lazy To Tap



Next …
Brazilian Blogger, Chris Guerra. Accidentally stumbled on her through Instagram (That’s what I love about Instagram.) 
An incredibly beautiful and stunning writer and Activist who’s into tattoos and clothes and models her particular piece of the day, highly influencial, book signings, appearances, public speaking engagements, a mother, and a heavenly beauty who is an influential writer and much more. 
Why is it that we never hear about these really interesting people here in the US?  

Are we that culturally isolated?


Example: “THIS IS NOT (Watercolor)



Write? Dance? Paint? Music? Practical Decisions Made Early in Life

Many will say artists are highly impractical creatures.
I say humbug to that.

I’d bet we are far better decision makers than top executives at top firms. And its methodology is simple. No complex formulas required to discover.

For us.
At least.

You often wonder why when masses of stupid people persist in identifying us through such a trait we just don’t stand up and rebel?

Guess what?

I was very young when I made my decision. Not more than 5, probably.

I took a good look at myself and said: “Now what do you want to do with yourself? Which one is it gonna be?”

“Why does it have to be one?” I said. “Why not as many as possible?”


“Based on my mathematical computations, I conclude the following order of concentration:


All you need is a pencil, pen, and paper for one.

And for the other, it’s all there. You walk around in it all the time – your body.”

Too Close For Comfort

I spend a lot if time looking at the sky – The lights, the stars, the planets – and I had an odd reaction when I saw this up there.




From The Lips Of A Pessimist

(It sure doesn’t take long to become a dumb speller.)

Going Down The Ladder Of Love

Fragments of myself.
Lips, Eyes,
The Lips Of A Smoker

We have wined and dined Love and we still can’t make heads or tails of it.

My Favorites


Some say “Universal”
But what does that mean?

Does anybody know what the Universe looks like?

The Dream Med Feared By Big Pharma – Pot

When I was talking to my psychiatrist about the beneficial affect pot had when I was experiencing extreme Stress and Anxiety, he’s like totally supportive of that.

But the thing that stuck in my head was when he said in France where he owns a second house pot grows in the Wild.

A neighbor of his a successful Industrialist smoked pot at night to help him sleep.

But it wasn’t that image that was as impressive as the other one …

Growing wild in France.
What does that mean exactly?

It means it is plentiful and easy to grow and really really cheap compared to what they charge for their abysmal concoctions whose side-effects include the effect of wanting to kill yourself when you just tried that.

It’s an interesting War.
But I predict, in this matter, and in all matters related to our use of our Planet’s rich resources,
Nature will win in the end.

Especially when we consider how much we’ve damaged the garden we had and threw it away to the hungry dogs of Greed.