I was SO delighted to be able to access my “CATEGORIES” that I just went wild, picking flowers, here and there, to better flavor the absurdity of this experience. I have been SO deprived on the WordPress iPhone App. My categories only go as far as “Contemporary Psychiatric Practices.”  That’s it.  EVERYTHING below that is buried somewhere, and WordPress will NOT allow me to access that information.


For a long time, I had to mutate single words through variations of their letters, to create a NEW category, which I knew I would only be able to use once —



That was every time I got the message: “THAT category already exists”

I KNOW that, already.

I created the category.

Now stop hiding the key from me!

But, alas.  You think they listened?  On Twitter.  And, at times, they even tried to wrestle me.  THAT was a mistake.  Because they never won the match!  But still, they continued with their lame and dull and scripted rhetoric, the language of nothingness, the language that does nothing, says nothing, the noise, the hum, the drone, the babbling, the language that simply takes up space, and their groupies who licked their lollipops there . . .

WordPress has responded!

Must be important.

But it was not.


Now to be fair, this is NOT unique to WordPress.  Government bureaucracies love that rhetoric, too.  And any other agency that portends to help others, but in fact, does its best to keep people chained to their shackles, and dizzying them with the wheels of this type of rhetoric.


I know it well.


Pretty sure I’m gonna bury WordPress soon.  It’s just WAY too complicated for me. And they just don’t listen.  But that’s another piece altogether.





Bananas Looking for Jobs in The Age of The Internet and the Rapid Depersonalization (unless it’s Kickstarter, of course) and the Basic Anonymity We’ve Become Accustomed to. OR, HOW I SPENT MY DAY TODAY. SHOW ‘n TELL EDITION 

I often wonder how crazy I am. I really would like to know. But I wait. Since smart folks never dare me to argue with them. take me in as as opponent in an argument – any argument. They are doomed to lose from the start. They know that. The smart ones do. 

But I would love it if someone could design me A Crazy Meter so I can weigh what’s up there, once in a while. 

So here goes show ‘n tell. 

(As usual, I can’t keep my mouth shut.)

FIRST, I’ve crept back onto the Guardian comments where I was very vocal and frequently censored and eventually they shelved my profile. However, even though that is the material I want to access, I cannot, because of some screwy behavior on their part with emails. When I first started writing there as vasiliki53 I was extremely diplomatic and responsible. Sensible. But then one day I opened another profile the one I have everywhere else and i went ballistic. I was so sharp – But anyway, because I am so lazy about figuring stupid problems out (waste of tai me, isn’t it?) y However a few people told me a couple of my comments were brilliant – hahaha – it’s the British sense of humor (must’ve been British in the time of Charlemagne? RIGHT.
ITS been one those days, as we often say.  Meow. Meow. 
My first comment back was in response to Gov of Virginia – terry – who would have to decide that day on whether to reinstate the use of the ELECTRIC CHAIR …
And I said:

I have a theory (about that). 

However, not, but in another piece which may possibly be more sensible at that time. But I will explore that. 


(Here’s a  hint.)
It has to do with Modern Psychiatry.  
More than one personality thing?

That one. Yeah. 
My story, of course, has a twist