“The Beatles Are/Were Bigger Than Christ.” (John Lennon)

Many who had previously liked the Beatles were highly offended by this statement. 

But John Lennon was correct. 

Think about it this way …

How many 14 year-olds are on their knees crying for salvation which can only come through their connection with the Beatles?

And how many 14 year-olds are doing the same for Christ?

It’s ALL aboutPerspective.  

The Heavenly Sound of a Harpsichord + A Better Photo of it. 


Images of Language and Incongruity Floating In My Head While Moaning and Groaning About WordPress

This is gonna be short. 

  • And that’s because – Fucking WordPress!!!  What is wrong with you guys. New version is just dandy when it grants you a visit otherwise you’re back doing the old shit again, typing each tag without spellcheck – OMG!  What a chore…

And now you’ve fucked up the most important page!  The super duper versions paper, which we compose on, and you’ve totally destroyed the basic formatting, where you have no idea how many times you have to hit return before you get that extra space you want in there, between paragraphs!
So, as demonstrated above, I can easily use bullet formatting or numeric, but I am no longer able to slide into paragraphs, and it is so fucking annoying!

What kind of Brains are developing these, these – I don’t even know what to call them!
(Personally I think they’re all missing a few screws.)

All very nice, of course, affable, but totally daffy when it comes to basic organizational thinking and, and what? Visualization system is inoperable?


The Eyes of an Aesthete Wanted

On the other hand, if this is an example of how someone who may have Schizophrenia, for example, works, well, that’s another subject altogether. 

But why do we still need two versions of the Statistics?  Neither is much improved. So make a decision

Throw one in the trash, already!
Seeing the actual word italicized, however, is a whole lot better than than seeing words buried under HTML script. 

So that is an improvement. 
Congratulations, WordPress!


That just wouldn’t stay in any longer.)

Ever since I did the update, I’ve been wanting to put this down on paper, but something else always managed to shove it below the pile, where it finally said …
No more of this!
I will no longer be a wallflower!

                     THE END

“I Can’t Touch You Anymore” The Magnetic Fields

Oops. I continually rewrite lyrics. It’s not “love.”  “It’s touch.!”

Wish I could evenly split how I feel about this song, but I can’t.  

It’s impossible

This Beauty is a wonderful audio, aural experience, mixed with LOTS OF IRONY.  

But you’d never know that – if you skipped reading the lyrics, which I mostly do. But both are important and must fit without a hitch. I love the sentimentality it evokes, the sadness, the distance between you and the one you desire. 

Simply divine. 

Hurts and feels good at the same time. 

Prince is Coming to Baltimore To Play “Free” Concert …  But You Need to Buy Tickets to Attend

Not that there are any left, but even if you wanted to buy tickets, unless you have a spare $500, and if you’re lucky enough to find someone who is selling one, you’re out of luck. 

I first read about Prince doing a free concert here in Baltimore a couple of days ago. And discovered lots of people who are excited about his coming here, but disappointed that they have no chance of seeing him. This group ranges from Millenials to 50 year old Baltimore natives who have been the target of the social conflict before us all of their lives. 

I read that this concert is intended to show support for the Communities affected by the riots and serve as a platform for social change. 


Now whether or not that happens, remains to be seen. However, something about this show really bothers me. And it wasn’t difficult to figure it out – the vast injustice of it. 

A show of support for the community would include that community in the festivities. Rather, the very community, which has been blighted for decades, gets to spend Sunday on the hot streets of Baltimore, with fans, maybe, in their homes, and wonder what happens next.