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I have accepted that WordPress has a worthless word processing app – I have come to terms with it – so I composed this, as I wanted to compose it, on Pages, to look exactly the way I wanted it to look, and shot a picture of it – but that’s not what the short story is about. 

“State Mandated Migraines”

The following piece was sent to the Governor of Maryland, and other key figures who manage Medicaid, including a Congressional Representative – since the money does come from the Federal Government. 

Those here who are familiar with my writing know the temptation to satirize is embedded deeply in my soul, and difficult to resist, as demonstrated below. 

This is my personal approach to Advocacy. 

Though this piece was written and sent on April 1, 2016, it is hardly a joke. 


“Can anyone explain why the Poor are only allowed to have 3 migraines a month?  

Six tablets of Immitrex, a medication specifically for migraines – nothing new, incidentally – are all that are allowed. 

What happens if you have more than 3 migraines a month?  

This past month, for example, I had more than 3 migraines, and sometimes even the Immitrex does not work. In fact, I’ve been out with a migraine since Tuesday. 

It’s very difficult for the Poor to look for work when they have migraines. 
Does anyone know how catastrophic and debilitating migraines are?  
So why are the Poor only allowed 3 migraines per month?

Imitrex became generic some time ago, its generic name being, Sumatriptan. 

One more question. 
No dental care?

Does anyone realize how important dental care is to overall health?

It’s obvious the social safety net has collapsed. I suppose I should be grateful I’m not living in Arkansas. Conditions there are abysmal. 
But The War Against The Poor has almost been won. I predict the Poor will start dropping like flies into the arms of Death soon.”

The Poverty Gourmet Cooking Show. We’ll Show ‘Em. (DRAFT)

(CONCEPT) Design a simple web page on how to effectively use your Public Healthcare – without first dying. 

(TRANSITIONS) You’re at the Finish Line, you’re almost there, and this is where you ended up?  FUCK THAT. 

However, we can use our wits to outwit them, it seems, as demonstrated in a recent and accidental experiment
But I am not going to go into that. 
So let’s all just jump in at once:

…..  If, for example, you are in a car accident, someone rear-ends you, and the ER doctors advise you to see a Neurologist, to do an MRI, you are in NO shape to handle administrative Brain tasks like that, so you ask …

But who are The Brain Doctors? Who are those doctors?  The Brain Doctors. 

So instead of doing what you know you cannot do – make personal visits and have to deal with disgruntled State workers who were once where you are now, or lots of phone, which go


Why not go straight to the top?

Straight to the Governor of the State, the State Representatives. 

Have a TANTRUM. 

They’ll never forget you. 

They probably have a file on you, too. 

Tell THEM what’s bothering you.  


That’s your name.  

And tell them – you mean business. 

Why Are Suicidal People Handcuffed By Police? Do they really think they have the energy to become violent? So why are we treated like criminals when we’ve done nothing “wrong?”

Look what popped up on my radar yesterday!

It’s been an extremely busy week, with all kinds of Advocacy communications initiated by me, which appear to have rumbled the Earth below us, and rattled a few nerves, and, produced some incredibly bizarre behavior on the part of those responsible for managing and dispensing Mental Health Services at the State Level, and, their bosses at the Federal level. 

And they think we’re crazy!

Anyway, yesterday I was sitting at a Starbucks at the Mall, drinking my coffee, when I noticed 2 County officers approach a man at a table, not far from me. This man was almost invisible. I hadn’t even realized he was there, until the officers approached him. But there he was, just a few feet from me, quiet and soft spoken. 

The sound in the video is terrible, because of the mall music, which drenched everything around and almost muted it. But you can pick up enough to realize this is a law enforcement intervention in a man reported to the police as suicidal

I was really impressed with the officer who handled the situation. He obviously had additional training in Mental Health, but it was his even and calm approach and empathy that resonated with me. 

However, the handcuffs, at the close of this scene, are disturbing. And this is something that must change. People cannot be treated like criminals when they’ve done nothing wrong, as the officer tells the man. But I’ll have more to say about that later. 

The video is 4:12 minutes.