How My Day Goes …

Yeah, so I thought I was going to stay in the South, and I even ordered my Internet for my place there – but you know how those Greeks are, with their crazy sense of time, so a month passed, and I still didn’t have my modem and I had to go to Athens, to take care of some business and do some shopping, before I head South again, but you know, I’m just crazy about Athens, and when I took the bus this morning to go to Syntagma (Constitution Square) turns out, the bus didn’t stop there, and headed North or South or East or West of there – How should I know where I was? but wasn’t sure, cause my navigation skills, they suck, you know, and the Sun was straight above me, so I jumped off the bus, reversed gears — and just happened to catch The Changing Of The Guard — The Evzones –– and I hit the Shoot Video Button on my iPhone, and I felt fabulously fortuitous, to catch these warriors march with such precision and grace, on the last leg of their journey, til it was time for them to return, cause if I hadn’t taken the wrong bus, and had ended up in Syntagma, as I had planned, I would’ve missed one of those moments that totally compel you to go higher, reach farther into the blue sky, yes, mere symbols, I know, but still, sometimes that’s how things go. 


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