“State Mandated Migraines”

The following piece was sent to the Governor of Maryland, and other key figures who manage Medicaid, including a Congressional Representative – since the money does come from the Federal Government. 

Those here who are familiar with my writing know the temptation to satirize is embedded deeply in my soul, and difficult to resist, as demonstrated below. 

This is my personal approach to Advocacy. 

Though this piece was written and sent on April 1, 2016, it is hardly a joke. 


“Can anyone explain why the Poor are only allowed to have 3 migraines a month?  

Six tablets of Immitrex, a medication specifically for migraines – nothing new, incidentally – are all that are allowed. 

What happens if you have more than 3 migraines a month?  

This past month, for example, I had more than 3 migraines, and sometimes even the Immitrex does not work. In fact, I’ve been out with a migraine since Tuesday. 

It’s very difficult for the Poor to look for work when they have migraines. 
Does anyone know how catastrophic and debilitating migraines are?  
So why are the Poor only allowed 3 migraines per month?

Imitrex became generic some time ago, its generic name being, Sumatriptan. 

One more question. 
No dental care?

Does anyone realize how important dental care is to overall health?

It’s obvious the social safety net has collapsed. I suppose I should be grateful I’m not living in Arkansas. Conditions there are abysmal. 
But The War Against The Poor has almost been won. I predict the Poor will start dropping like flies into the arms of Death soon. 


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