The Biggest Wish In Town

Born to ask questions, you just can’t nudge this one, sometimes. I began giving it a lot of thought when I was a teenager. 

I’d lay on the couch, my head nestled in the corner, my hair hanging over the edge, the sun bathing there. 

What is Happiness?

That question has nudged me all of my life – or, most of it. 

So, having decades to explore its nature, I learned every thing it was not. That was not part of the plan, either

Then again. 

It was essential to the plan. 

Failure is far more valuable than successes. Just look at the popular notion of success,

The dumbass football player who has everything, except, a brain. 

Many detours, as you can see, take place. 

But you are committed to finding the answer to your question, until one day, you realize you don’t care anymore. 

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