The Happiest Mail Man In The World

Cindy had told me about him, but I didn’t pay attention. Something about The Talking Mail Man.

Oh. I said. 

But one day I was sitting by the window which I love to have opened – even when it’s cold – and I heard some animated talking below. 

At first, I thought someone was at the door, but I hadn’t heard a knock.  Still the animated talking continued outside. 

Then I was trying to determine the tone of the man talking below. 

There was seldom a pause and his is the only voice I heard. But I was still confused about a certain tone in his voice – below all that animated energy – what was behind that?  

And then. 

I heard it. 


That was it. I immediately knew whoever it was still laughed. (That’s a good sign these days.)

And that’s when I realized what Cindy had meant:

The Talking Mail Man

It was him. 

So then I started listening for The Talking Mail Man. And I learned. 

This guy never stops talking. It could be hailing and he’d still be on the phone. He easily could have been a stockbroker. A billionaire who liked delivering the mail. 



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