Session with my therapist. “That’s for sure.

Well. I was thinking.  Maybe …
Well. It’s like this.  

Jessica who is very liberal and accepting, well, she’s been cracking down.  Doesn’t want me getting lost. 

Doesn’t trust me out of her sight at this point. I was going to get food since I hadn’t had a decent meal in days.  I was gonna splurge on myself.   

THAT was my priority.  


But I wanted to wander around and find the right food place, which I have no memory of, now. No memory.  

Know why?

Cause it never happened

My leash was pulled.  

I had to be within sight ALL The Time

Didn’t want to lose me. 


Who’d ever think I’d need one at my age?


That’s for sure. N

Feeling like De JaVuee


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