Manic Monkeys

Why is it that we never have heard about Manic Monkeys, just Manic Humans?  You’d think Science would, like everything else, study Manic Monkeys before they study Manic Humans, but I don’t think they have.  (It’s just a guess.)  But I’ve never seen any study reference Manic Monkeys — or even Manic MiceI’d think they’d wanna take a look at Manic Monkeys before Manic Mice, since we are so closely related to the Ape Family, really, probably still very much a part of it, but we just like to think we’re better, and Linnaeus knew that, so he created a fictional species called Homo Sapiens, to make us feel better. But we’re still pretty stupid, and nowhere as smart as our Brain, right?  And since, we are only a couple of streets up (or down) from Chimpanzees, our closet relatives, if anything, they should have been observed for symptoms of Mania before they started using us as experimental subjects, which are often toxic and deadly.

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