(NOTE:  The Qualified Domestic Relations Order, referred to as a QUADRO, is a legal procedure required for the division of assets in a Divorce, here in Maryland. It is a complicated and tedious and totally unnecessary legal process.  And if you’ve never heard of it, don’t worry – neither has anyone else, aside from attorneys and judges. It’s a carefully guarded secret, whose purpose is to increase wealth among attorneys, essentially. Be patient, however, as  I will post the Complaint Against Corporate Stupidity later today. Hope this helps!)
“As this Court has reviewed this matter, it notes that the Corporate Entity which issued a Domestic Relations Order Denial for the omission of certain facts is the same Entity which engineered the terms of the Original Document, which it now feebly attempts to Deny any and all Responsibility for its Own Actions and Behaviors, and thus has severely compromised its Decision-Making Ability and Insight into its own Organism. The Omission of Facts which the Entity was Responsible for providing is now reversed – (NOTE: Example of Entity Thinking) The Burden of Proof Rests on the Corporate Entity to Explain the Absurdity of its own Behavior and NOT on the Plaintiff who merely seeks what is rightfully hers, promptly. The Verdict thus rendered is:

Corporate Stupidity

The Damages for Corporate Stupidity
require that the Plaintiff be awarded no less than (Ten-Million-Dollars) $10,000,000. Immediately. 
Furthermore, Immediate Psychiatric Evaluation is required for the Corporate Entity, and upon review by this Court, the Court shall determine if this Entity is fit to serve Public Interest, and may determine that additional Radical Therapies be introduced for this specific Existential Corporate Malignancy, which has now apparently infected and compromised Corporate Integrity and Functioning.”


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