Blinded by the Light

Ok. So, first of all, let me preface this by saying, I am badly in need of a new prescription. Last time I had my eyes checked was 2011. And it’s now well into the middle of 2015 …  So I am WAY overdue for the recommended 2 year check. And I know my eyes have definitely changed. In fact, up until the beginning of 2010, I had always believed my eyes were brown when In fact they are not. That was when I began taking a closer look at my eyes and discovered there were several different colors there, and even those colors changed, so it was tough to say with any certainty, they were this or that color. Now you’d think by the age of 55 we’d have placed closer scrutiny to things like that – our organs – especially our eyes, since we use them all of the time – even as we sleep.  And yet, life contains all sorts of twists and turns, and we never know when capricious Fate will strike and give us a sharp slap in the face, do we?

“Wake the fuck up!  You can’t spend your entire life not seeing straight. It’s not like you’re Blind, right?  You’ve spent way too much time wandering round this vast Fantasy of yours, so get those eyes checked, for God’s sake!”
“I have?”
“Yes!  You have.”

“More work?  I don’t like work though. I prefer playing on the fertile grounds of Imagination!  FUCK.  Ugh.  Must  I  really  come  down?”

“Yes!  Now!”

“C’mon. Give me at least a couple of months?  Please.  Takes a while to get back to the shitty hole called – or rather, referred to as Life. What a bunch of crap!”
“Two months. That’s it. And you better not be late!”

“Alright.  I promise I’ll do my best.”
“Uh, uh. No more extensions for you!”

So thus began my journey back to Earth after wandering around planets far more interesting than Earth.  And, yes. It totally sucked. 


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