The Bipolar Rapid Cycling Rhythm Solution


Here we go!

I do. I don’t. I do. I don’t. Hahahaha!  (Swoon). I don’t. Yes! I do. What day is it?  Fuck!  I missed a year?  What time is it?  Four, thirty. 4:30!  (Pause and look at clouds here). Ahhhhh. 

(Repeat for one hour. Increase tempo, accordingly, then go to bed). 


4 thoughts on “The Bipolar Rapid Cycling Rhythm Solution

    1. Just for your information, it was exactly that that landed me in the hospital twice in the past month. So no, I don’t consider being in the hospital funny. Furthermore I do not consider rapid cycling funny. I consider a nuisance. Of a troubling disease and disastrous way of living.


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