Breaking News From Baltimore You’ll Never Hear On The News

Even before the Riot here – actually ever since I’ve been here – Baltimore is heavily patrolled by Police Helicopters, both day and night. They circle round Charles Village where the Hopkins Campus is, which starts just a few blocks West and North of 25th Street.   And ever since the riots, well, like I said, Patrols are in the sky from morning through night, with spotlights for added viewing pleasure. 

Well, tonight I was sitting here reading and the helicopter light interrupted my concentration and I had to check and see what was going on. As soon as I established that it was the Patrol, I went back to doing what I had been doing – reading, listening to music from the cars below on a really, really humid night in Baltimore. 

And then I heard what sounded like a loudspeaker and again I was slightly jarred cause the message seemed so incongruous to what’s going in Baltimore right now and I wasn’t sure if I had heard correctly but then again it had been very clear.  

I’ve got to give lots of kudos to the officer in helicopter who once they had finished their security sweep and were heading out, said …
Buh, Bye!


9 thoughts on “Breaking News From Baltimore You’ll Never Hear On The News

      1. I count myself as an optimist, most definitely. This one just had a different result with me. I really enjoy your posts. Sometimes, I don’t get them and I wonder if that is your plan! At any rate, keep them coming!

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      2. I never thought of it that way. Some some I’m too transparent, and in some ways I suppose I am, but it doesn’t mean anything bad to me. It just feels natural. There is nothing to hide. And that is an awful use of energy – to hide – when you can (hopefully) stimulate some dialogue instead. Right?

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