The Fountain Of Pots – Featured Art Print

What a spectacular use of color. Oil painting by Kirt Tisdale, who is a photographer primarily.


I just completed a new art print for my Gardens Gallery titled: The Fountain Of Pots. In this wall art print, I used a fauvism oil technique creating this scene. This technique uses bold abstract brush strokes and strong, bright surreal colors. The wall art print is of a fountain next to a potted palm plant.

The Fountain Of PotsThe Fountain Of Pots

The setting is a patio fountain created using pots stacked on rocks top to bottom creating the trickling water effect. Next to the fountain is a potted palm, which adds an additional element to the scene. I chose to do the print in an abstract style reminiscent of fauvism to really pull out the shapes of the main element of this art print, the fountain itself. The abstract approach and surreal colors create a fun, playful image of this patio fountain. Thoughts?

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