Bunny Rabbits And The Church Across The Street From Me

It’s Easter on a busy street.

Cars come and go, blaring music, or not.
But one would ever know there is a church across the street from me.

Attached to the other buildings on the block, it’s radically different architecture, blends in with its neighbors.

The Artist and his dog live next to the church in a building just like it (except for colors, shape and height.)

It’s a busy spot on the street.

The lights go on at night
When gatherings occur
And feelings of love and God are shared.
A warm spot for the soul.

But today!
Today is Easter.

The industrial strength restaurant diner door lists hours of service and other stuff.
The door is swung open.
People, coming and going.
Matriarchs and angelic children
Pure of heart and soul – appear.

But they are slow.
And late.
They are always late.
Never on time.

The building could be a bloc from Mondrian …

But anyway.

The only reason I know today is Easter is because a sales person from Nordstrom’s accidentally mentioned it.

“Good thing you came today” she said. We’re closed tomorrow.”

“You are?

“It’s Easter.”

Bunny rabbits.
Stuff like that.
Thanks, again!”


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