Bizarre Behavior of Humans

Ok. So I was looking for a post I had written earlier, but the phone app is limited by time! So, I had to start all over. At least I’ll finally answer a question raised by another Blogger … I had to wait for proof of my theory that humans are basically stupid and we should therefore devote research funds to the Study of Stupidity. It’s essential to discover how stupid we actually are – or can be. Or maybe our stupidity is Infinite?

Thus …

There are two left turn lanes from a left-turn only designated lanes onto a street going North. The outer left-turn lane has 8 cars, waiting to turn left. The inner left-turn lane has one.



It’s nighttime. Close to midnight. A woman (sorry) in a huge SUV Luxury Car is parking the car on a city street in the dark. There are no cars ahead of her and no cars behind her. Yet, she spends 10 minutes parking the vehicle just so.

CONCLUSION What the fuck?


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