The Dream Med Feared By Big Pharma – Pot

When I was talking to my psychiatrist about the beneficial affect pot had when I was experiencing extreme Stress and Anxiety, he’s like totally supportive of that.

But the thing that stuck in my head was when he said in France where he owns a second house pot grows in the Wild.

A neighbor of his a successful Industrialist smoked pot at night to help him sleep.

But it wasn’t that image that was as impressive as the other one …

Growing wild in France.
What does that mean exactly?

It means it is plentiful and easy to grow and really really cheap compared to what they charge for their abysmal concoctions whose side-effects include the effect of wanting to kill yourself when you just tried that.

It’s an interesting War.
But I predict, in this matter, and in all matters related to our use of our Planet’s rich resources,
Nature will win in the end.

Especially when we consider how much we’ve damaged the garden we had and threw it away to the hungry dogs of Greed.


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