Where Is My Pen!

First –
Can we please get rid of – officially – Friday the 13th?
If so, I would have the option to not exist.
Too sweet.
To pass something like that up.

When I was going down the stairs yesterday, I realized (at the bottom of the steps) I forgot my head upstairs.
I had to go back up and get it.
I was so pissed.

Earlier my roommate asked me what I was doing – I was all dressed up – that morning, and I said:

I have no idea. But I know I’m doing something. T

And I left.

Well pieces are certainly falling now –
Aren’t they?

That’s for sure.

Below is a sample of my categories.

(I fucking hate having to put my tags in manually on the phone app!
It’s such a chore.
And I am wholly unmotivated cause I have to cut and paste to see them all and check for typos!)


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