The Busy Bee. Cultural Mathematics. (Formula: “Common Sense”)

(Ugh. I forgot to tag. I hate that part! Totally sucks on the iPhone app. Manually tagging. Yuck.)

Just sharing some of my Blink, Blink, LinkedIn activity of late. Much to my distress, they do not believe in formatting – or editing or deleting posts. However, the challenge there is to communicate in 600 characters, or less. And I love challenges.

Oh, yeah. I was celebrating my 3 year anniversary for Editing and Writing on that same day. And for some reason, Blink, Blink keeps duplicating my posts. I had an earlier version, which I hadn’t meant to publish, but they did anyway. The language was slightly different there, as you will see.

Here’s a snapshot –



COMMENTS (By me, of course.)



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