“The Others”

Just in case you’re wondering …

Those who kill themselves – or try –
do not want to die.
Or …
Hurt loved ones
Inflict pain on others
Leave a sparkling legacy behind.
All they want is for the pain to go away.

How selfish of them!
How can they hurt me so!

These thoughts are your thoughts –
Not there’s.

The Myths of The Others

When, in fact, it is an act of preservation of the self –
In a twisted sort of way …
But fully logical.
When the self causes more harm –
than not.
It is only natural to obliterate.

An act of Desperation –
When one can no longer see the light.

Please, God.
Make the pain go away –
Make it stop –

But God is not there.
Does not.
And that is the only prayer they can utter.
When the only Light is Darkness

And when they –
The Expert Navigators –
Reach the end –
And, there

There is Light!

Nothing more.
Nothing less.
Than the accidental slip of the tongue.


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