The Extrapolation of Education: STRATFOR GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE, LLC

One of the joys of reading is that you never know where it will take. And reading the STRATFOR article definitely took me somewhere.

Here’s the link to the article:




I get to format my response.
LinkedIn doesn’t believe in paragraphs, which is where I found this piece.

Plus it limits the number of characters in a comment to 600, so I had to break this up into 4 comments.

That was a lot of work for me.
And highly annoying.

600 • 4 = 2400

So I guess we have 2400 characters below.

But I get to add a photograph that I took while preparing another essay.
So that’s good.


Would somebody PLEASE explain what “2.1 births per woman” means? Why do we refer to reproduction in terms of decimals? I have yet to meet a woman who has had 2.1 births.

Thank you.

Otherwise, interesting theory, but lots to mull over. For example, if the price of labor goes up, then teachers, for example, will actually be paid what they’re worth?

And reference is made to a “middle class.” Where might that be?

More news – we are still defining ourselves as an Industrial Economy? Let’s just look at the United States. What industries do we have here? We haven’t produced anything in decades, probably 50 years.

We did.
But essentially everything we buy is manufactured primarily in China, from Designer handbags and Designer clothes, to what else?
(See Below)

We used to have a Steel Industry.
Not no more.

Read the labels.
They tell the story of what has happened here in America.

Farming has become a Corporate Enterprise. Furthermore, these corporations LOVE to experiment, control the characteristics of the foods we ingest.

Eating corn, today?
It’s GMO corn!

Farmers do not have the ability to genetically modify our diets. But corporations do. And they have, while feebly assuring us these foods are safe. But doesn’t it take time to determine their safety? Decades for example, before the effects of these designer and tasteless foods surface?

My favorite story is a problem New Orleans was experiencing. Because they tier (another tier to consider) the dead – the remains in coffins – the bodies were not decomposing as rapidly as they would have because the preservatives in diets were affecting the rate of decomposition – kind of like mummification – preserving carcasses.

But like I said, lots to mull over here.


Michael Kors Handbag
Made in Vietnam
The label was really hard to find.

But the sales associate was more than happy to pose for a picture with the price tag.




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