The Maryland Zoo In Baltimore

What a perfect day to go to the zoo in Baltimore, I thought. The weather was balmy and cloudy – no more than two layers of clothing required, not even a jacket, just a sweater, scarf, hat and mittens.

It hadn’t occurred to me to check out their website – I lived less than 10 minutes away – so I hopped in the Smart and headed there.

Free parking.
Good sign.
But there was a price attached to that – Admission.

I tell you, you get really spoiled living in Chicago. Lincoln Park Zoo is on the near north side, not more than 15 minutes by public transportation (bus) from downtown. And it’s not just one bus that swings by the zoo but several.

And it’s a fantastic zoo which has a great children’s educational (tactile) center in a building designed specifically for that purpose. And it’s one of the oldest zoos around.

And it’s free.

Versus …



You have to stretch the photo to see the admission rates of this State/City Zoo …

Hardly affordable for inner city kids who could use a touch of enrichment.


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