“Want Ads – Relationships”

If I were ever to place one (which I never will) I decided this how I would phrase it!

A fox with brains.
Looking for a stud with a mind.


5 thoughts on ““Want Ads – Relationships”

    1. Ok. I get confused very easiky.
      It’s gonna take me a while to figure this out.

      OMG! You’re so beautiful!
      You look like a child.
      And yet, your blog is stunning, mature, poetic.

      I thought I was following you?
      Gotta look into that.
      Cause I couldn’t comment without signing in.
      And that requires lots energy right now.

      As I was going through it, though, my eye caught the Odyssey somewhere there, and I just wanted to mention that while reading the Odyssey, I was famished. Every challenge was followed by a feast. And the descriptions of the lamb on the spit, the fat dripping – made my mouth water.

      I was always hungry!

      And finally, I just wanted to say that, yes, Poseidon is fascinating.
      But my heart belongs to Apollo.


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