Obama and Boston Interfaith Service

I was mesmerized by this service.  And I’m not the religious type.  Like I don’t think highly of organized religion.  It is frequently divisive and unrealistic.  Morality driven by prescription behaviors, like how often you attended church, how often you confessed, to accept sin —now that’s one I have great difficult with — to describe your illness as though it is born of evil, and you’re supposed to do a whole bunch of levels before you can reach Nirvana. 

Dude, that’s way too much suffering for me. 

Don’t want to carry that kind of baggage around.

The whole country has been affected by what happened in Boston on Monday.  It has rattled our nerves.   But it is nowhere near the — futile to the mettle with the resolution of Boston to accept this as a mere challenge for the city that has come together in an awe inspiring act of helping others who were worse than them and they are the first responders — ordinary people, just like you and me, engaging in heroic behavior.  The first responders — everybody —contained the scope of this tragedy.  

Obama’s speech was priceless. 

Pretty amazing leader and inspirational figure.



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